Waldau fire brigade presents new fire fighting equipment

The curious story of this acquisition was told by mayor dieter schaar (freie wahler), who recalled the performance test held last year. During the dress rehearsal the old equipment had given up its ghost. A stroke of luck was the presence of district fire chief thomas hofmann, because the expert had immediately obtained offers. A repair would have been uneconomical, and the municipal council quickly gave the go-ahead for a new purchase.

"The cost of the rosenbauer sprayer PFPN 10-1000 amounted to 11.100 euros, plus a grant of 3500 euros", explained schaar. The municipality was happy to pay its own share of 7600 euros.

Demanding cohesion

The mayor described community fire brigade days as a good opportunity to call for cohesion among the ten fire brigades. The importance of the firefighting groups was illustrated by the numerous inclement weather and snow clearing operations in the past.

District administrator klaus peter sollner praised the fire departments, which are also responsible for cultural activities. "Here in waldau they take special care of the revival of the village and for happy celebrations."

The joy about the new portable fire engine was evident to chairman edwin hartmann. "This was a good and uncomplicated decision of the municipal council, because the old sprayer had already 46 years on the hump", he said. District fire chief stefan hartlein also noted that the waldau fire department is now equipped with modern equipment again.