Brk motorcycle patrol gets ready for action on the highway

The members of the BRK motorcycle patrol in kitzingen obviously had a rough time when they took their heavy service machine out of the barn, to get them ready for action. First of all, it was cleaned and checked whether the "anneliese" was in good condition, as the motorcycle is affectionately called, is also technically in perfect condition.

Next weekend, when the summer vacations begin in berlin, brandenburg and hamburg, heavy traffic can also be expected again in bavaria on the north-south axis of the autobahns. Until september, when bavaria and baden-wurttemberg are the last to close for the vacations. In the time in between: chaos, tears, laughter, sorrow. "Everything is on offer", says staff manager hanns strecker.

The patrol's area of operation is the area between steigerwald and biebelrieder kreuz. And when others start their vacation, the volunteer motorcycle sanis are just beginning their work. Every weekend from friday to sunday. For safety reasons only at daytime. "But there are also situations where we had to go out at night", remembers roland vicedom. "In the case of serious truck accidents, for example. When everything breaks down."

The 62-year-old from sommerach, an original member of the staff, is an anesthesia nurse. He managed to revive a small child in the middle of the roadway last summer, when the highway was once again completely clogged. Breathing stopped after a heat collapse. Then, with blue light and martins horn, he guided the parents' car to the next exit, where the ambulance, stuck in the traffic jam, was waiting. The child survived without any harm. "Feelings of happiness come up!", he says.

Joy and sorrow close together

Often there are only seconds between tragedy and joy. "There is nothing that does not exist", is the experience of thomas ringelmann from biebergau. Over 20 years he rides the rescue motorcycle. "Medical aid is only one part of the service", says the experienced motorcyclist. "After accidents, we take care of relatives and look after injured small children." often there are also injured animals in the vehicle wrecks. "We can also bandage bleeding wounds", says, says another group member. "And if the injuries are more serious, we organize transport to a veterinary clinic through helpful other road users, where we act as guides."

For felix wallstrom, head of the BRK in kitzingen, the motorcycle is an excellent means of support for the rescue service. "Due to their maneuverability and speed, they often reach the scene of the emergency before the rescue service and can initiate the first vital measures." but as always the motorcycle patrol has to struggle with scarce funds. And that's when wallstrom had a good idea: at the moment, all large gas stations in the county are being contacted to see if they can set up plastic garbage cans where customers can deposit their bottles. They are then emptied by the red cross, and the panderlos are credited to the motorcycle patrol.

BRK motorcycle patrol

At the motorcycle it is a BMW 1200 RT. With the special equipment it has a weight of just under 300 kilograms and an output of 110 hp. On average, the group covers 1000 kilometers a week on its patrols. In 2019 registered 350 hours of service, with a total of 15,000 service kilometers. The patrol was able to help 95 injured people and provided a total of 150 assistance services. A motorcycle group consists of six riders who have received special training for the requirements of motorcycle patrols. The kitzingen red cross is happy to receive donations under the keyword: donation motorcycle patrol – sparkasse mainfranken, IBAN: DE41 7905 0000 0000 0035 74.