A couple who have been together for 60 years: diamond wedding anniversary at the schlaug home

Roswitha and otmar schlaug met and fell in love during a dance in pinneberg. They didn’t have to think twice and got married in pinneberg church st. Michael. After 60 happy years of marriage, they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Roswitha was born in breslau, silesia, and as a small child had to make her way west with her mother and thousands of others, most of them fub. After several weeks she was stranded in pinneberg and grew up there. In the beginning, roswitha started an apprenticeship as a notary’s assistant, learned u. A. Stenography, but had to abandon the apprenticeship for health reasons. She then switched to the retail business.

Otmar was born in naisg and learned the trade of tailoring for men and women. After completing his apprenticeship, he went on to further training as a tailor. At the age of 18, he volunteered for the still young german armed forces. He started his service at the airbase list on the island of sylt. Still in list, he enlisted for several years and then went to the military school in uetersen near pinneberg. During this time he also met roswitha.

After the couple married in 1960 and otmar pursued his professional career, they both moved to different air force bases u. A. To schleswig, furstenfeldbruck and landsberg. After his active service, otmar transferred to the military district administration VI at the district military replacement office in bamberg. Until his retirement, he worked as a government employee and clerk. Roswitha also worked again for several years as a saleswoman at hohner in bamberg.

In the years 1969/70 the couple built a house in litzendorf. Until a few years ago, both were quite active in the KAB local association in litzendorf. Otmar was secretary from 1979 to 1996 and roswitha was deputy chairman from 1989 to 1996. In their free time, they both read the FT regularly. Otmar likes to play crossword puzzles and roswitha enjoys knitting. They both also work in the garden. Their greatest passion, however, is their motorhome, which they use to tour europe several times a year.

For their diamond wedding anniversary, their children and grandchildren were congratulated, along with relatives, acquaintances and associations. Certificates sent by minister-president markus soder and district administrator johann kalb. For the community of litzendorf, first mayor wolfgang mohrlein came and presented a flower robbery and a gift. Also litzendorf’s pastor marianus schramm, together with the parish council and pastoral advisor gunther streit, came via post congratulations and prasente.