City ranking: stuttgart once again number 1 cultural capital

City ranking: stuttgart once again number 1 cultural capital

According to a new ranking, stuttgart, the capital of the state of badenwurttemberg, remains germany’s undisputed number one cultural metropolis.

Berenberg bank and the hamburgische weltwirtschaftsinstitut (HWWI) once again recognized stuttgart as having the highest value in terms of cultural offerings and demand by residents or visitors among the 30 most popular cities. There was no statement about quality and importance.

Stuttgart had already taken the top spot in the vorganger studies in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Dresden won a neck-and-neck race for second place against berlin. Munich and karlsruhe reach places four and five. Followed by bonn, dusseldorf, hamburg, poland and frankfurt am main.

Wiesbaden (11th place) made the biggest leap forward in this year’s ranking, moving up ten places. The NRW cities of gelsenkirchen, monchengladbach and duisburg are at the bottom of the league.

The evaluation takes into account, among other things, the number of seats in operas and theaters as well as the number of theatergoers. Awards from theaters or ratings of art collections do not play a role.

"Cultural diversity not only determines the attractiveness of a city, it is also a significant economic factor and stimulus for the dynamic development of cities," said berenberg CEO hans-walter peters. Entire economic sectors concentrated around the cultural industry.

In terms of the number of 1350 employees, the stuttgart state theaters are considered the world’s largest three-division house. The state capital even increased the gap to second place significantly, it was hailed. In the meantime, the city is at the forefront in terms of both cultural offerings and cultural demand. The city also has the highest proportion of employees and the highest turnover per inhabitant in the cultural industry.

The rankings of dresden (2nd), karlsruhe (5th) and bonn (6th) show that even medium-sized cities offer a diverse cultural life. Dresden boasts the most museum visitors and leads the field in cinema seats. Karlsruhe even takes second place in terms of festival visitors and the number of exhibitions in museums. Bonn scores among others with the highest number of exhibitions per inhabitant in museums.