Children have driving license

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get children and young people interested in reading books. To counteract this development, the geroda book team has come up with something: since 2013, heidrun scholz, helene wirth, rosi halbig and heidi rodl have been inviting children from the kindergarten abenteuerland to spend two afternoons each year, in order to convey the fascination of books to them at an early age.

In the course of a "book driving licence they get to know the rooms and are sensitized for the handling of books. The team also hopes to attract prospective readers in the future, because even if the number of readers has not dropped, they would like to keep their bookstore open in the long term.

At the end of may, educator elke schneider and her six proteges visited the community bookstore for the first time. The children were shown how the library is structured, how to handle books properly and how borrowing works. In addition, the children learned that there are different types of books, such as novels and non-fiction books, and what distinguishes a bookstore from a bookshop. To better understand the new knowledge, each child was allowed to explore on their own, choose a book and borrow it for free.

Two months later, in july, the book team invited the four- and five-year-olds again to take their driving test. After the children had repeated what they remembered from the last meeting, they listened intently to heidrun scholz, who told them the story of "the little dragon coconut goes to school read by ingo siegner. Afterwards, they could give free rein to their creativity by painting their new book bags for future bookstore visits. For the ceremonial handing over of the driver’s licenses also the parents came to it. After the newly graduated drivers’ license holders sang the song "all children learn to read" after the first few days, we sat down together in a relaxed atmosphere.

In order to provide their regular readers with reading material on a permanent basis, the team is constantly expanding its range of products and services. Wednesdays from 16 to 17.30 o’clock the bookstore is open.