“We have received a lot of praise”

The celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the kronach fire department will be remembered for a long time, and not only by its chairman. "We received a lot of praise, especially after the parade with more than 40 historic vehicles – and often heard that participants had never experienced anything like it."

Much mustered

The fire department has also deployed a lot for this purpose. So about 150 helpers were on duty for the festival – on sunday at the same time. "This was a gross community effort", he says proudly.
The procession has also attracted more interest than the organizers had previously expected. Around 2000 participants came to kronach for the event.
Not satisfied is wicklein with the response to the musical evening events. "But we were not the only ones to experience this – it seems to be a kind of trend."
The president does not yet have a financial overview. "It will probably take months to get all the accounts. But we didn't make this firm because we wanted to make a profit", he immediately puts him in jail. Of course, it had been proven that the fire department is a strong community – and the chairman did not hide the hope that perhaps one or the other would feel addressed and actively join the fire department.
In the end, everything went smoothly over the weekend, which he is very happy about. "We have been preparing the festival for two and a half years now – and in the past weeks it has been very intensive", he conceded. He is all the more satisfied now.