Opinions differ on the pavement in presseck

Even before the february meeting of the presseck market town council, a long list of signatures had been received in the town hall. The report called for the road between oberehesberg and the neighboring village of mittelberg, which belongs to marktrodach in the district of kronach, to be extended. Marktrodach had the road from seibelsdorf up to mittelberg resurfaced in the fall and a parking lot for hikers laid out. At that time, the citizens demanded an extension of the asphalting to oberehesberg.

Rumors turned into reality

The fact that the road between the two neighboring villages at the respective county border is in a very poor condition was and is known to the presseck municipal council. At the february meeting, however, there was also a rumor that there were also opponents of an extension. Their letter was now before the municipal council on monday.

They plead for "a retention of the road surface." the roadway does not make joy, so their argumentation, but the costs for an extension were disproportionately high and were also "no improvement of the usability" bring. The road was heavily used by the forestry and heavy equipment was driven on it. In addition, a "good strabe tempting motorists to drive faster – and this on a well-used stretch of the frankenwald hiking trail network.

No decision yet

Another letter, which mayor siegfried beyer read out to the council, made the same point. Dieter frank, chairman of the frankenwald main association, was regretted an extension of the trail. For hikers he demands the most natural surface possible. "An asphalted section would have a negative effect on the evaluation of the quality hiking trails in the frankenwald."

for the frankenwaldverein he must consequently speak out against an extension of the road, according to dieter frank. The presseck municipal council now also took note of the counter-arguments to the trench extension and continued with the agenda without further discussion.

The district, according to the further message of mayor beyer, will set up a confiscate collection point on the land of the presseck clearing plant. According to the dictionary, confiscate is slaughterhouse waste. In presseck, however, only waste was collected, which was produced during the hunt. Until now, a hunter has always had to travel to leuchau to the animal carcass disposal center. The district will now set up appropriate collection containers for the uplands and, if necessary, pick them up and bring them to leuchau.

Container for hunting traps

The containers will be placed in a fenced area, to which only hunters will have a key. The county bears all the costs, beyer said, and as soon as the construction is finished, hunters and hunting associations are informed accordingly.

It is now also clear that the wall e-charging station (wallbox) for charging electric vehicles, which the market presseck won at the opening of the charging station in stadtsteinach, can be installed at the bus turnaround area in wartenfels as planned. Local councillor raimund grab, as a man of the trade, had contacted the bayernwerk, which already has a power connection with a payer there. In the past the carousel was connected there. This means that the municipality will incur only very modest costs for the connection. The installation should take place very soon.

The council had no objections to the candidates for the election of officers from the community: rosemarie goth and brigitte hebentanz. For the election of the youth secretary daniela gahn is already registered.

The council has also set the date for the town hall meeting. It will take place on tuesday, 3. April, at 19.30 o'clock in the burschenheim in reichenbach instead of. In addition to the mayor's report, the redesign of the friedhos in reichenbach will be one of the main topics of discussion.

Right of way to be changed

According to frank wunner, the head of the police department, a change in the right of way at the junction of industriestrabe and kirchbergweg has already been discussed and approved. The kirchbergweg will then have the right of way, so that drivers will no longer have to do gymnastic exercises to see whether someone is coming from the industrial trabe.