Carol singers with record collection

carol singers with record collection

At the beginning of january, the schwarzach scouts trudged through the cold for three days as carol singers, blessing houses and collecting donations. A new collection record of 6859.56 euros was set. This continues the trend of schwarzach residents giving around 300 euros more per year than in the previous year.

One of the reasons for the willingness to donate is certainly that the money always goes to a specific project chosen by the scouts themselves. This time the little conies collected money for a school project of the munsterschwarzach abbey in tanzania.

The dream of every schoolchild in tanzania is to sit on a school bench and not on the bare floor. Yet there is hardly any school furniture there. The sternsinger campaign of the georgspfadfinder has contributed to the fact that this dream, the equipment of the classrooms with school benches, will soon be fulfilled for at least 500 pupils. With the collected donations, 17 classrooms in four elementary school around ndanda abbey can be equipped with school furniture.

Work for africa

Benedictine brother markus forster, who is responsible for the project in tanzania, has the school benches made in the carpenter’s workshop in kilimahewa, about 50 kilometers south of the capital dar es salaam. The carol singers’ donations thus serve a dual purpose: on the one hand, they create work for local craftsmen, and on the other hand, they challenge the learning and performance capabilities of the schoolchildren. Karina thomann was responsible for planning and organizing the sternsinger campaign in schwarzach.