Csu criticizes: no concept for too many property purchases in hochstadt

Csu criticizes: no concept for too many property purchases in hochstadt

The city’s most recent real estate deal has met with criticism from alexander schulz, chairman of the CSU in hochstadt. Last week it became known that the city had bought the derelict hotel-gasthof schranne.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with the city acquiring individual vacant properties in order to put them to good use. But in very few cases such a solution is in sight. According to schulz, a lot is announced, but then nothing happens. He fears that the mayor is getting bogged down in the plethora of city real estate purchases.

Schulz says he initially voted against the purchase of the schranne in the city council. Only when the had been decided and it was about the details, he had agreed. Before acquiring the schranne, he would have preferred to take care of the pending renovation traps first, according to the head of the city council faction and designated candidate for mayor of the CSU.

He cites the von der saal building on hauptstrabe as an example. The city bought it in 2013 to turn it into a "house of the home" for the local history society and the tourist office. Then the plaster was knocked off the walls. Since then, the building has remained in the same condition.

Dilapidated property with a construction fence

The situation is similar with the listed dilapidated property in the lower brauhausgasse, which has been owned by the city for years. "The only thing that has happened is that a construction fence has been put up around it", says schulz. Further examples of haphazard purchases are the post office building on the market square, a house on bamberger strabe and the old flower store on vogelseck.

Better to redevelop streets

A lively buying and selling be that. "But nowhere is a concept in sight", judges schulz. "He is the rough real estate fan, that is well known", he says about the mayor. "But you have to weigh up: what is the city’s task??" schulz thought it would be better if the city concentrated on its core tasks. Schulz mentions road renewal, the renovation of the indoor swimming pool, the aischtalhalle and the roof of the ice rink. When you "can "t keep up with your own tasks", says, one or the other real estate purchase must be put on the back burner. Especially since real estate transactions were tying up enormous resources in the city administration. There is a "renovation backlog", so the CSU man.

His parliamentary group has compiled a list of requests for projects that it considers to have been left undone, going back as far as 2015. Schulz would like to send this list to the mayor, together with questions about the current state of affairs. His request: at the next meeting of the city council, brehm should make a statement on the matter.

City council always agreed

He will gladly do so again, says mayor in response to question from frankischer tag. Again, because much is already known. But he wants to comment in detail on the projects of the city in the next meeting. He does not understand the CSU’s criticism, since it was ultimately the city council that decided. Often unanimously, with the votes of the CSU, brehm notes. "The city council knows what it is doing. These things cannot be decided by the mayor."

Even when it came to the acquisition of the schranne, a large majority of the council of all factions was in favor of it. Of course, the schranne is a redevelopment project that will take several years to complete. But it is nevertheless pleasing that with the pizzeria saporito soon already the first use moves in.

CSU in election campaign mode?

The CSU’s list assigns brehm to the upcoming municipal election campaign. "If mr. Schulz becomes mayor at some point, he can move his completely rebuilt administrative staff into the old post office." he himself prefers financial logic, brehm says sarcastically. Yes, with some projects it looks like there is a standstill. But if something doesn’t go ahead right away, there’s usually a good reason for it.

In the case of the old post office building, the city still received rent from the post office until a few weeks ago – "lucrative" for the city, according to brehm. "It would have been more sensible to do without it? I don’t think so." the wait was also worth it financially for the steinwegstrabe. And that is also the case with the von der saal building. The planning is in the starting blocks. But for months it has not been clear: will the city receive the 600.000 euros from the historic preservation fund? It is not comprehensible, if he as burgermeister was not waiting for the batz fordergeld.

In the case of the house in engelgasse, the right of first refusal had been used to provide urgently needed living space for refugees. This is before, the house again veraubert. Overall, a "model project" financially as well, according to brehm.

The house in the bamberger strabe was used for a relocation, since the house at the city tower (babylon snack bar) is to be demolished. The purchase of the old flower store at the vogelseck had been decided unanimously by the city council. Space for the health center and better rescue routes are to be created. The to 80.000-euro demolition to be discussed at next city council meeting. Something is happening at the house in lower breuhausgasse, brehm said.

He knows that some projects are waiting for completion. But that’s the way it is with urban development. He would be happy to report back to the city council.

Whether this will satisfy the CSU, remains to be seen. The city council meets the next time on 23. September.