Wurzburg streetcar hits truck: one child injured

The fire department had secured the truck with steel cables. The vehicle was only standing on the wheels of the driver's side, wedged between a garden fence and a tramway. On wednesday afternoon the streetcar had hit the truck. It was standing in a driveway between two houses, opposite a construction site. The rear end protruded onto the tracks. "I confessed", said the driver, a 44-year-old from wurzburg. He did not swerve, did not want to make a fast turn. "I stood", he said again.

The streetcar, which was on its way to the city, hit the rear and turned the truck around 90 degrees, then both of them were stationary.

The rear tires of the truck were stuck in the tram window, and there was broken glass on the sidewalk. The accident occurred a few meters from a stop in the wurzburg district of sanderau. "The accident looks spectacular, said police spokesman karl-heinz schmitt "but he ended up with a light sentence." because at the time of the accident, a wurzburg sixth-grader was on the tram. Twelve children and their teacher.

A child injured himself, the ambulance service took the boy to the hospital.

The other eleven were partly in shock. The truck driver and the 19-year-old driver of the streetcar were also uninjured. According to police, the tramway suffered damage of around 300,000 euros.
One resident says: "it's a miracle that nothing happened. Normally at this time the sidewalk is full of people." the rescue services had called in a crane to lift the truck away in the early afternoon.