Csu doesn’t need snow for winter barbecue

Csu doesn't need snow for winter barbecue

Barbecue and winter: that sounds quite contradictory, but it fits together perfectly. The hebdorfer CSU local association proved this again this year by inviting people to the premises of second mayor oliver schubler in mittelmembach. There was no sign of winter, but despite the rain it was an entertaining afternoon with a swedish fire, sausages, mulled wine and much more. Oliver schubler, as in previous years, provided the catering and the visitors were protected from the rain by a rough canopy.

CSU local chairman manfred bareis was able to bury, among others, state parliament member walter nussel and district councilor ute salzner. But also the non-factional third mayor axel gotthardt and the CSU councillors markus windisch, stefan reif and stefan martin as well as erich biermann from the free voters, quite a few CSU members as well as numerous burgers loved the bratwursts.

Gluhwein and good speech

The visitors enjoyed it in any case, even in the wet and unfriendly weather. In addition, there was beer or gluhwein, according to taste, and especially a lot of speech. "If you dress appropriately, it's a real pleasure", said the driver, a 44-year-old, guests and organizers agreed. Because of the weather, the members of the neighboring local association grobenseebach did not come to fub this year, but by cars. Bareis was pleased that the small event is becoming more and more popular with oliver schubler and that there is plenty of time for informal conversation.