Children’s alarm in the construction area expressly permitted

New round for the planned development area am graben in kleinlangheim. The development plan has actually been in place for a long time, but now the councilors have made further improvements in their meeting on tuesday.

In april, it was already decided that there would be restrictions on the use of the area, i.E., that no businesses would be allowed to locate there. The reason for this was mainly the expected traffic and larvae pollution. Two weeks later, the council decided that these restrictions should not apply to children’s playgrounds or other social purposes. With these regulations, the development plan has been changed and must now be resubmitted to the public authorities in a supplementary procedure.

In addition, expert opinions on pollutants and insects will be obtained in order to determine the appropriate threshold values. The council members agreed to the procedure, but at the same time expressed their annoyance that it will now take several more months before the construction area can be used.

Trouble over mull on the A 3

Trouble also continues around the haidt rest area on the autobahn. Thomas schellhorn, who sits on the town council for haidt, repeatedly voiced his displeasure about the pollution along the rest area. The fence around the facility is regularly trampled or even cut through. The consequence: human urine and excrement on paths or in fields. The hydrant on the site, which is protected with a fall jacket and is actually only allowed to be opened by the fire department, has been opened again and again. Schellhorn suspects that mainly long-distance drivers tap water here to save on shower fees.

Several times he has been in contact with the road maintenance, but they are also powerless. The municipality also sees little scope for action. Mayor gerlinde stier explained that the building authority is working on the matter, but with little success. In the round, the idea came up to file charges against unknown as a first step. Stier advised that the neighboring farmers, as the main victims, should take over this task.

Only one bid received

For the renovation of the sanitary facilities in the elementary school, the municipality had issued a call for tenders. Out of 14 companies that were contacted, only one responded. The contract was awarded to the schutz company from kleinlangheim, whose bid was slightly higher than the estimated costs, but still within the bounds of the contract. In addition, the council gave the mayor the authority to issue further orders for tiling work, among other things, on her own so that the work can be completed promptly and, if possible, within the vacations.

For the next section of the railroad station road, planning costs of around 15,500 euros have been estimated, and the office for regional development will contribute a maximum of 5430 euros. The plan initially includes side strips and grassy areas. The council agreed to commission the planning process.

The mayor announced that the railroad has postponed the application for the line to be taken out of service until the basic decisions on the further use of the line have been made. The committee was displeased, especially because the decision made by the municipality in 2016 to disown the line and integrate it into the core road network was torpedoed by the current discussion about reactivating it.