Why coburg was removed from the freeway signs?

Coburg's tourism figures for 2017 will not be matched again in the near future: the state exhibition attracted significantly more guests to coburg than usual. This becomes clear, among other things, in the number of city tours: 1190 groups, over 4000 individual guests were recorded in 2017. In the first half of 2018, there have so far been just under 1,200 individual guests and 395 groups, reported the operations manager of the TMC (tourism and city marketing/citymanagement coburg) on tuesday in the operations senate.

The current figures for gas stations are also back in the average range. From january to the end of may 26 came.562 visitors; the accommodation establishments included in the statistics recorded more than 53.000 overnight stays. Among other things, the 42 accommodations listed on the airbnb portal are not included in the figures.

On the road with a homemade kart: police stop boy (6) in coburg
as far as marketing is concerned, the TMC now manages a broad mix, from brochures to advertisements and online advertising to its own homepage. Coburg can be found on internet portals for group travel as well as in the campaign of the german central office for tourism "small historical towns – great stories". The railroad has included coburg in its bonus program "and we advertise in the ICE train stations", announced second mayor birgt weber (CSU).

Why are the signposts gone?

However, coburg is no longer signposted at the erlangen interchange, criticized hans weberpals (CSB). The mayor of coburg has already written a letter on this matter, weber reported. The federal government is responsible for the signs on the highways. But she promised to find out why coburg had been removed from the wide-area route designation.