Danger of strike at lufthansa averted for the time being

danger of strike at lufthansa averted for the time being

71.3 percent of the voting members took part in the original vote, 85 percent of whom approved the compromise worked out by mediator bert rurup. The wage dispute among the approximately 18,000 flight attendants has been settled, and new strikes are finally off the table. In the summer, cabin crew cancelled around 1,500 lufthansa flights.

Union and company supported the outcome. "We are convinced that this agreement will be a good cornerstone for long-term and solid collective bargaining," said ufo chief nicoley baublies. A lufthansa spokesman buried the approval of the workforce. As the first major group in the group, the cabin crews had made their contribution to the "score" earnings improvement program, thus sending a signal to the other occupational groups in the group.

Lufthansa is currently negotiating wage agreements with the trade union verdi, primarily for ground staff, and with the cockpit association for pilots. Negotiations are also pending for pilots and cabin crew at the germanwings subsidiary, which is to take over large parts of the european business in 2013.

The new collective bargaining agreement for the cabin crew of the parent company lufthansa provides better conditions for young professionals in particular and excludes the use of temporary workers in the long term. It runs until the end of 2014 and will give employees an average 3.95 percent higher pay scale. Lufthansa benefits from greater flexibility in scheduling, deferred step increases and a flatter long-term fare structure. The compromise was preceded by a wage dispute that lasted more than a year.