Name & notes: wolfgang hiltry to fos/bos farewells

At the halay point of the school year on 15. February, when his students only received their interim reports, wolfgang hitry already received his retirement certificate. After more than 36 years as a teacher at vocational high schools, 13 of them at the FOS/BOS kitzingen, he has held out to the maximum age limit. However, his students made it easy for him because of his even-tempered nature, according to an FOS/BOS press release. Born in 1953 in schweinfurt, berlien moved to weiden and erlangen, then to aschaffenburg, after finishing high school, military service and university. In 20 years of travel on the "popular" A3 from his home in wurzburg, he was allowed to make about 20 circumnavigations of the earth, after the train station in front of his house was closed. In 2006, he succeeded in moving to nearby kitzingen, where he often reached by bicycle, initially as temporary subject supervisor for german. Two years later he was promoted to director of studies. In addition to teaching german and sports, he organized and moderated the "literary quartet" at the school and was a member of the jury for the literary competition of the district of kitzingen. His colleagues will miss him dearly, and not just on mondays during the weekly crime scene debriefing, according to the school’s message.