Samsung overtaken: this manufacturer overtakes the tech giant from south korea

samsung overtaken: this manufacturer overtakes the tech giant from south korea

"Huawei" overtook "samsung" in the manufacturer comparison: huawei" has it in the west not particularly easy right now. But this can not stop the smartphone manufacturer. According to "counterpoint-research" the chinese company was able to sell more units on the market than its competitors. In april 2020, huawei has been the world's number one for the first time. This is reported by the "huawei blog".

"Huawei" could "apple" already beat in 2018 ranking. Already there, the manufacturer stated that it would also overtake the industry giant "samsung" to overtake in 2020. With a market share of 19 percent, "huawei" beat rival by two percent of smartphone sales. The trade embargo in 2019 between china and the U.S. And the lack of "google"-license slowed growth though. However, this was not completely interrupted. "Huawei" nevertheless achieved its long-term goals, as the figures now make clear.

Corona pandemic contributes to the success of huawei

There are two reasons for this selective success: on the one hand, the devices from "huawei" are selling very well especially on the chinese domestic market are significantly stronger than the smartphones of competitors. This is mainly due to the "patriotic" basic ideas of the chinese against the "bad" ones west. On the other hand it is due to the corona pandemic. "Samsung" has to struggle with the economic consequences, since significantly fewer models of the "samsung S20" were sold than had actually been planned. The chinese economy was also back on its feet earlier, which explains, among other things, the increase in the number of devices sold in the comparison period. The force with which the coronavirus struck the united states and europe was devastating to their economies.

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In april, a total of 69.37 million smartphones were sold. Compared to the previous year, this is a decrease of 41 percent. The figures for may 2020 are not yet available. But it is within the realm of the possible that "huawei" will be able to can hold the title of the world's largest smartphone manufacturer also in the second quarter of 2020.

This trend should be "huawei" genieben, because it could soon be over again. The economy is also recovering in the western world. Especially in the markets of europe, north america and india, "samsung" has still ahead. This could lead to "samsung" beating the rival recovered at the end of the year and returned to the top.