Bamberg hotelier refuses to comply with mask requirement: operator tries every trick in the book?

Bamberg hotelier refuses to comply with mask requirement: operator tries every trick in the book?

It is an entry from august 2020 on the rating platform "tripadvisor", in which the hotel in bamberg comes off rather badly: in it, a guest awards just 2 out of 5 points. And writes: "the hotel is really getting on in years. Room equipment, windows, etc. Are from the 70s." such entries are not unusual – tastes are different.

But what is then written in the article is the reason why the bamberg police has already had to visit the hotel three times and report to the city’s public order department for violations of the infection control law. Every time the guests had reported to the police.

Criminal investigations also underway

The third time – last tuesday – the control escalated, at the end of which four officers were slightly injured and the apparently intransigent hotelier was briefly arrested. In the meantime, the public prosecutor’s office is also investigating criminal offenses: assault, resistance to law enforcement officers, insult.

In his review from august, the guest writes on "tripadvisor": "in addition, one must also mention that the entire staff (young and old) runs without a mask. Allegedly, all have received a certificate from a doctor and do not have to wear mouth-nose protection. Unbelievable! One feels as a guest immediately very uncomfortable, because with it the health and the well-being of the guest is put behind the own comfort."

With the mask obligation the operator of the hotel seems to stand already for a long time on war fub. He now advertised with a poster that said: "guests are also welcome without mouth-nose protection."

A guest had then contacted the bamberg police again. According to police chief thomas schreiber, during the following check on tuesday, the man behaved intransigently, even aggressively, towards the officers. The hotel employees are said to have worn no masks in the process. Distance rules had been ignored. The operator also did not stand behind the plexiglass window.

The final escalation of the operation occurred because the couple made recordings of the police officers with their cell phones, but the officers had forbidden the unauthorized sound recordings. Scratches in the face and sprained fingers with the policemen were the consequence. The hotelier could not be contacted about the incident on thursday.

"Sad and a pity"

The reaction of the local hotel and restaurant association to the hotelier’s behavior is clear: "it is sad and a pity that we have such a case", declares deputy chairman florian muller. Mistakes could happen, but intent is not excusable. He speaks of a cash service "for all who follow everything you are given". For many behaved in an exemplary manner.

Now the reproaches lie because of offence against the infection protection law with the order office. Its manager frank reppert says: "we are reviewing the findings. If there is no doubt that the offence has been committed, the appropriate punishment will be imposed." the alleged certificates, which are supposed to exempt the hotel employees from the mask obligation, will certainly also be the subject of the examination. At the moment there is no statement about this at the public order office. The question is: is the company using every trick in the book to circumvent the mask requirement??

The hotelier could face a heavy fine. Corona pandemic" according to bavarian bubgeld catalog the regular rate for operators who do not comply with ordered protection and sanitation measures is 25.000 euro.

Further sanctions are conceivable. Even a move to a new job is not out of the question. But according to the public order office, this is only an option if hygiene law violations could also give cause for it. "In this respect, we as a city do not yet have sufficient knowledge that this would be the case", explains a spokesman.

Such a closure was actually carried out only last weekend in bamberg: a restaurant owner had no hygiene concept, but far too many guests instead. His store was closed down.