Bolsonaro’s son: change on the democratic path too slow

A controversial tweet about democracy has earned brazilian president’s son carlos bolsonaro fierce criticism.

"The change that brazil wants will not come as quickly as we want through democratic means," wrote rio de janeiro city councilman and son of president jair bolsonaro.

Headwind came from both political allies and outspoken critics. Democracy is fundamental, vice president hamilton mourao said tuesday. "Pact of generations, democracy, capitalism and a strong civil society – without these pillars, western civilization cannot exist."Senate president davi alcolumbre said bolsonaro’s riots deserved contempt.

"Only with democracy can we have a free, sovereign country," said sao paulo governor joao doria. "For our country there is no other way."The president of the association of lawyers, felipe santa cruz, said: "democracy is not given, it must be conquered. It is up to us to make sure that riots outside the constitutional order are not accepted."

Critics also accuse brazil’s president bolsonaro of playing games with authoritarian forms of government. The ex-military man is considered a sympathizer of the dictatorship (1964-1985) in brazil and most recently praised the military coup in chile in the 1970s.