In a tree house or in a nursing home: that’s how diverse evangelical life is in coburg

The burger foundation "live + pass on" established in 2004 has made it his task to "challenge and secure" the evangelical life in the all-church community of coburg. This is what the statutes say, and this is what was taken to heart during this year’s deletion of the foundation’s charter. At just under 8,000 euros, the total amount of excavation work was higher than ever before, as the company’s chairman thomas radermacher emphasized. A total of seven projects are supported.

St. Michael in the neustadt district of fechheim is the youngest member of the coburg all-church congregation and can therefore also benefit from debris from the burger foundation. 2500 euros for the restoration of the historical paintings on the church ceiling. With this grant, almost 90 percent of the required donation funds have now been reached, as andrea kessel from the church board reported. The hope is that the renovation will be completed by summer 2022.

The project sponsored by the burger foundation in st. Matthaus (coburg-neuses) receives 1000 euros: a new tree house was built at the falkenegg kindergarten. Everyone pitched in, but in the end there was a lack of money. Director alexandra bohl and educator jana richter talked about how much the tree house, which has now been completed, is used: "we sing songs in it, listen to stories, and we’ve even celebrated a church service there!"

Services for the youth

Vicar sascha ebner also wants to go new ways in church services. The parishes st. Moriz, st. Lukas and niederfullbach plan a youth service series. 300 euros from the burgerstiftung to make it happen.

A loudspeaker system was purchased to ensure that community life in heilig-kreuz continues to be active. With an eye on the fact that the community hall is likely to be demolished, a mobile device was chosen. This has the further advantage that it can also be borrowed by other congregations, as pastor hedwig porsch explained. The burgerstiftung supported the purchase with 600 euros.

The burgerstiftung was able to help in a real emergency in the coburg congregation of katharina von bora: during the renovation of the congregation hall, which is also used as a church room, the planners simply forgot to install an emergency exit. Thus threatening to stop the very active community life jah. But rescue is in sight – thanks in part to 2,000 euros from the burger foundation. Sigrid fredenhagen from the church board gratefully accepted the donation.

New chairmen in office

Reverend martina schwarz-wohlleben (st. Moriz) was pleased that with the help of a financial injection of 500 euros, chant books for the ernst faber house can be abolished. "The residents love to sing, and that is important for the soul", she said and spoke of a "lively worship ministry" in the nursing home.

The remaining amount of the payout of just under 900 euros will go to the long-term project of the burgerstiftung "kinder entdecken kirche" (children discover the church).

In 15. In the first year of its existence there have been some changes in the staff of the foundation. Ortrun stenglein-groschel changed from the board of trustees to the board of directors and took over the chairmanship of the foundation. Gerd kenner, who had been a member of the board of directors and is now chairman of the board of trustees, went in the opposite direction. Gisela bohnel and hildegard mogalle were bidden farewell to the board; the late board member lutz langenstein was remembered with a minute’s silence. Dieter beck retired from the board of trustees; the new members of this body include rainer maier and anke kroll.

Ortrun stenglein-groschel promoted the burgerstiftung: in times when the individual church congregations had to get by with fewer and fewer resources, the foundation was able to safeguard evangelical life. And she said: "whoever gives gladly will do well."