Csu criticizes: no concept for too many property purchases in hochstadt

Csu criticizes: no concept for too many property purchases in hochstadt

The city’s most recent real estate deal has met with criticism from alexander schulz, chairman of the CSU in hochstadt. Last week it became known that the city had bought the derelict hotel-gasthof schranne.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with the city acquiring individual vacant properties in order to put them to good use. But in very few cases such a solution is in sight. According to schulz, a lot is announced, but then nothing happens. He fears that the mayor is getting bogged down in the plethora of city real estate purchases.

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Day of action for the erlangen fire department

The weather god must love "his" firefighters firefighters simply love. For once again, the sun shone from the sky as the erlangen fire department celebrated its open day. Over the course of the day, a good 3,000 guests will have been amazed at what the full-time firefighters and volunteers have to deal with.

The audience was particularly enthusiastic about the presentations. "There is basically nothing contrived or exaggerated", declares head of department and chief fire officer friedhelm weidinger. "These are the kinds of damaging events we encounter in our everyday lives!"

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Bernd meusel and the “boss”

On the other side of the globe, a 49-year-old former musician and professional publisher decided last year whether he wanted to enjoy his birthday in silence or whether he wanted to "let it rip" like springsteen should be.
He decides for the "louder" songs on the record version and rehearsed with regional music friends for weeks 50 songs from 50 years, including of course a song of one of his heros! And the song "glory days" from the "boss becomes the emotional center of the birthday concert. "When searching for my favorite song of the year, many beautiful memories were awakened and i realized how strongly music influenced the first half of the century", tells bernd meusel.
One of them is certainly the memory of the boss concert in 1988 in munich, when meusel sang along with the songs in the first row eye to eye every song. "I write (play) the songs only for me! But the songs only become really good when I play them for other people. This is the bond that exists between people and can never be destroyed", as far as bruce springsteen.

Tasted blood

You could possibly say that the "birthday boy" was also has licked blood again and has rediscovered his joy in making music. After the concert for the 50th birthday, which was praised by many sides. Followed by a solo performance for the 50th anniversary. His best friend from his youth with "his" favorite songs. With the formation "easy/die sie" some guest appearances at other events like ramp festival, kronach leuchtet, freischieben or at the city festival followed.
In november the music project "easy/the she xmas band" was launched to liven up the christmas markets in kronach and lichtenfels musically with anglican xmas songs. The band also played these gigs for free and collected a considerable amount for the good cause.
"We learned more from a three-minute record, baby than we ever learned in school" – a line from the song "no surrender could be representative for the effect springsteens songs have on his kronach fan. After the performances at the christmas markets, the band members and other regional musicians met regularly for a small musicians' get-together with an exchange of musical ideas.
"But a simple cover band was not to my taste. That's why i brought up the idea of forming a bruce springsteen tribute band", bernd meusel continues. After a few detours I found a powerful band that played "unplugged" in a small line-up with guitar, double bass, piano and small drums" a playlist of songs from springsteen's 45-year career was compiled.
Beautiful performances of "easy springsteen and the E-street friends" open air in kronach and lichtenfels followed and found their interested audience. It was the inventor's intention not only to play selected favorite songs of the boss, but to tell the story behind them and to try to give the listeners a rough insight into the musical life and creative work. "Springsteen doesn't just press his "new" songs like many other musicians do songs on record, to release them then. No, each LP/CD deals with the current
contemporary events such as "the rising from 2002, in which he deals with the terrorist attack in his hometown on 9.11. Conflicts", the fan from kronach, who is not alone in this opinion, says. "Springsteen is by no means mainstream, and of course you can't assume that everyone will immediately understand the lyricism and the message it sends.", says bernd meusel. The song "born in the USA" is a good example of this which is not intended to be a hymn to the country of his birth, as many have suspected.

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“Weighing instead of paying”: cebit makes friends with a smaller framework

"If you’re looking for a folk festival, you’re in the wrong place," says porschmann. Cebit is supposed to be the place where industries meet, companies come together and business is initiated. For such a fair, masses of curious people, who walk through the halls, are not necessary.

The cebit, which has remained in the public memory from the high times at the turn of the century, is a thing of the past. In the peak year 2001, almost 8100 companies exhibited in hanover. The IT boom attracted around 850,000 visitors. For some rough exhibitors this was too much. They grumbled about the "tutentrager" and "ballpoint pen jager" and demanded a change of direction. In addition, the bursting of the internet bubble and economic turbulence then put pressure on the companies’ budgets. Year after year, more and more companies have decided that they can do without.

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Discount battle in partial lockdown: a special black friday

Discount battles on the internet and bargain hunting in the shopping aisles: in recent years, black friday has developed into one of the strongest sales days in the german retail sector.

But this year, everything could turn out quite differently. In the inner cities, the partial lockdown threatens to torpedo the fun of snap-hunting. And on the internet, too, the willingness to spend could be significantly lower this year than in the past due to the pandemic.

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Nazi slogans eradicated in bad Rodach with a rag

Pastor christian rosenzweig couldn’t and wouldn’t just accept it like that. The national socialist slogans that unknown persons had spread with paint at more than 20 places around the market and the palace square a week before (CT of 13.11.). Rosenzweig therefore called on the citizens to "clean up against right-wing slogans" in the literal sense of the word. And what he experienced was beyond his imagination. "I expected 20 people", he loved to know on sunday afternoon at the wallgraben. A good 100 citizens came to share his opinion and to reject the right-wing slogans.

Christian rosenzweig recalled a quote from dietrich bonhoeffer: "when a madman is speeding through the streets in his car, I, as a pastor who is present, cannot only comfort or bury those who have been run over, but I have to jump in and stop him"." pastor rosenzweig also saw the need to intervene because of the events in the spa town. "It is not the task of the bauhof to make the brown dirt disappear, but it is a matter of the citizens to set a positive sign here", stressed rosenzweig. In his opinion, silence is the wrong way to deal with such derailments.

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Carol singers with record collection

carol singers with record collection

At the beginning of january, the schwarzach scouts trudged through the cold for three days as carol singers, blessing houses and collecting donations. A new collection record of 6859.56 euros was set. This continues the trend of schwarzach residents giving around 300 euros more per year than in the previous year.

One of the reasons for the willingness to donate is certainly that the money always goes to a specific project chosen by the scouts themselves. This time the little conies collected money for a school project of the munsterschwarzach abbey in tanzania.

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