Natural monument near eggolsheim blown up: 300-year-old lime tree gets a second life

Death as the beginning of new life: hardly any tree symbolizes this as well as the mighty old lime tree at tiefsturmig. At the end of february the natural monument was blown up, but the wood shall live on for man and nature.

The remarkable tree lies in the woods about ten minutes’ hike from the eggolsheim suburb. Deeply rooted, the massive trunk, which has a circumference of around five meters, still stands there. But the tree top, dark and thick aste lie on the ground. A red-and-white flutter tape cordons off the lime tree that has been cut down. "The deadwood is to be preserved as a habitat for insects", explains holger strehl, spokesman for the district office of forchheim. The lower nature conservation authority has arranged the blasting.

The unexpected tree action caused irritation. A reader sent a photo of the topped tree to frankischer tag last week, with a request to follow it up. Because the linden tree in the depths of the storm is one of only about 30 trees in the district of forchheim that are listed as natural monuments. This means that these ancient or remarkable trees are particularly worthy of protection. How old the lime tree in tiefensturmig is, could not be determined exactly, it says from the district office. An online tree register estimates its age at around 200 to 300 years.

Storms damaged the tree

The fact that the linden tree was cut down at the beginning of the year was also a topic of discussion at the castle meeting in tiefensturmig on monday. Why was the lime tree blown down? "The lime tree has been damaged by storms in recent years to such an extent that it poses a danger to people in the vicinity", holger strehl clarifies. An official hiking trail runs directly next to the tree. Therefore, the lower nature conservation authority was obliged to ensure the "safety of traffic" to restore. Last may, a japanese cord tree listed as a natural monument had to be felled in the city park of forchheim because it posed a danger.

In early january, a specialist company inspected and checked the lime tree in a deep storm. The experts found that it had been impossible to climb to the top of the tree and remove the damaged branches. Therefore the landratsamt decided in consultation with the market eggolsheim for a purposeful blowing up, in order to cut the lime tree. The responsible persons asked the technical aid organization (THW) forchheim for help.

Targeted borehole blasting

On saturday, 23. February, the time had come and the THW’s blasting team set to work to. "For this purpose, so-called borehole charges were placed and then the explosive was detonated. Of course, the safety area was closed off and checked beforehand", reports christian wilfling from THW forchheim. The aubergwohniger tree capping was successful. "The lime tree was brought down in a controlled manner and could then be reworked using conventional means", according to wilfling.

There are still coarse and small ashes scattered around the blown down lime tree. The tree is still cordoned off with flutter tape more than a month after the blasting. But the site is to be cleared soon. In addition, the deep-stormed lime tree is to receive a sign designating the tree ruin as a natural monument, according to strehl. And the dead wood is to become a habitat for insects. This is how forest dwellers and hikers are to benefit from the "second life profiting from the mighty lime tree.

These are natural monuments in the district of forchheim

Definition of natural monuments are legally established individual natural features or corresponding areas of up to five hectares, whose special protection is necessary for scientific, natural-historical or regional reasons or because of their rarity, peculiarity or beauty. The lower nature conservation authority at the district office forchheim is responsible for the designation of natural monuments.

Species in addition to trees include rocks, hollows, hills, dolomites, etc. There are 230 natural monuments in the district of forchheim (except for about 30 trees).