Nazi slogans eradicated in bad Rodach with a rag

Pastor christian rosenzweig couldn’t and wouldn’t just accept it like that. The national socialist slogans that unknown persons had spread with paint at more than 20 places around the market and the palace square a week before (CT of 13.11.). Rosenzweig therefore called on the citizens to "clean up against right-wing slogans" in the literal sense of the word. And what he experienced was beyond his imagination. "I expected 20 people", he loved to know on sunday afternoon at the wallgraben. A good 100 citizens came to share his opinion and to reject the right-wing slogans.

Christian rosenzweig recalled a quote from dietrich bonhoeffer: "when a madman is speeding through the streets in his car, I, as a pastor who is present, cannot only comfort or bury those who have been run over, but I have to jump in and stop him"." pastor rosenzweig also saw the need to intervene because of the events in the spa town. "It is not the task of the bauhof to make the brown dirt disappear, but it is a matter of the citizens to set a positive sign here", stressed rosenzweig. In his opinion, silence is the wrong way to deal with such derailments.

Reproaches of the pastor

He reproached the protestant church for having remained silent during the nazi regime. According to his words, this could not happen again. He also criticized the fact that the city did not call for a joint action. Mayor tobias ehrlicher, who took part in the cleaning action on sunday, explained that they had thought about this for a long time, but then came to the conclusion that the "intellectual low-flyers" should not be punished not wanting to offer a podium. With contempt in his voice, the head of the city said that the perpetrator or perpetrators must be stupid people who didn’t know what they were doing.

After the introductory words and statements, the citizens, who came not only from bad rodach, divided into groups, went to work and deleted the slogans.