Brass knuckles or belt buckle? That was the question before the court

brass knuckles or belt buckle? That was the question before the court

What is the difference between a brass knuckle and a belt buckle?? For a "normalo this question is certainly easy to answer. For the people who had gathered at the district court forchheim, it was obviously more difficult. And so the 23-year-old man from the district finally landed in front of district judge silke schneider, who was also puzzled by the object of general interest.

In november of last year, a police officer from ebermannstadt had the same problem. He had actually only been on the lookout for drug users during a traffic check. In the glove compartment of the man stumbled on something that he thought was a brass knuckles. For the young man, however, the object to be checked was on the throw-away list, it was "junk that nobody needs". For him it was a belt buckle of his girlfriend, which he had in the car, to dispose of it.

"But the car was quite presumptuous", said the controlled. It was full of empty deposit bottles, and when he later searched for them, nothing could be found. "I thought that someone had already thrown it away, and I didn’t think about it anymore. So I didn’t even know I had the thing anymore."

Strange behavior
it seemed a bit strange to him, the police officer admitted. He had mistaken the object for a brass knuckle, although it was relatively small. When he tried to put it on, he could not do it himself; the driver being checked did not even know that he still had the object, which was thought to be a weapon, in the vehicle.

It was put on the fingers of the judge and the prosecutor during a "fitting" but one man had "broken his fingers", as defense attorney patrick schmidt noted.

Nevertheless: the "thing it really did look like a brass knuckle, even though the police officer thought it was too small for that. And the mother of the accused confessed frankly: "it’s my fault that the thing was stuck in the driver’s side storage compartment." because she had already wanted to throw it away days ago, but then forgot about it.

Accusation of negligence
just tick all this off? "There is still the accusation of negligence", silke schneider objected. And this happened when the young man did not dispose of the brass knuckles/belt buckle. In any case, the thing was confiscated without replacement – which was undisputed. The young man, however, had a small history of crime, so he could not get away completely unpunished.

The case was eventually dismissed on grounds of insignificance. However, the young man must pay 300 euros to the state treasury by mid-july. Whether the unsightly light metal impact ring was a dangerous percussion instrument or just a belt accessory remains to be seen.