Google works on new type of data glasses

Google works on new type of data glasses

The project, which was presented on the social network google+ on wednesday (local time), also involves the solingen-born scientist sebastian thrun, who is considered a leading expert on artificial intelligence.

To the "project glass" (project glasses) google presented five photos with design studies and a video. In it, a young man walks through new york and constantly receives information displayed in the upper field of vision of his glasses: appointments, weather data, chat requests from acquaintances, their current location, or navigation instructions for a route plan.

It is also said to be possible to take photos with the glasses and share the current view with others. Voice recognition technology makes it possible to send messages to others without a keyboard. Thrun and two others involved in the research project said the idea is for the technology to be there when it is needed and to disappear when it is no longer needed.

Google gave no details on the introduction of such glasses. However, experts in the u.S. Pointed out that the company usually places great value on the practical implementation of its research projects. US media reports speak of a realization in about a year’s time.

Google explained that it wants to provide information about the project now in order to invite discussion about it. Peter schaar, the federal commissioner for data protection, was critical of the project. "Data protection was once again considerably endangered by such goggles," he told the dpa news agency. "The user would provide even more information about himself, his behavior and where he was staying to the company, which could then combine this data with the user information already known from e-mail and search queries." schaar said google would be well advised to consider these privacy aspects as early as possible.