Abba girls and male ballet enrich the carnival in oerlenbach

For weeks now, lively disco music has been emanating from the basement of the eltingshaus sports center – usually on tuesday and friday evenings: the abba girls, 15 young women aged 17 to 25, are meticulously preparing for the carnival season. "During the five-year break, there was always talk of reviving the FC show dance group, especially when we saw other dance groups at carnival. Then in 2018 the musical film mamma mia came out, in which the songs fully convinced us. We immediately thought, that would be a motto for carnival, we presented the idea to the girls and they were immediately enthusiastic", the two trainers selina wenzel and vanessa parente explain the reasons for the movement.

Keeping the girls happy was no problem at all, and a good solution had also been found for the dancers who were working or studying away from home: "we filmed videos of the training sessions and posted them in our whatsapp group, and we also occasionally had an additional training session on saturdays, selina tells.

The name "abba girls is program. Dancing to a medley of six abba songs. For the total of seven performances, all the ladies have confirmed: "we are looking forward to a good audience, to a lot of fun among ourselves and hope that no one gets injured or ill", says vanessa. The anticipation and the limelight fever before the first appearance on saturday, 23. February, at the musician carnival in oerlenbach rise in any case from day to day.

And what happens in 2020? "We have not talked about it yet. First of all, we have to master this year’s performances, and then we’ll wait eagerly for the response of the madels", says selina.

New in the oerlenbacher carnival is this year also the composition of the TSV-mannerballetts. Because many younger fubball players are not at home during the week due to studies or work, the "old men" jumped in into the breach. "You can’t have carnival without the TSV men’s ballet", explains trainer sissi schmitt the incentive for the 15 men aged 39 to 59 years. Together with brigitte ferger she rehearsed two dances plus an entrance and an exit march. That worked great. The manner had shown great talent and discipline. "The participation in the training was great, now we are looking forward to two entertaining and funny performances at the musicians’ and athletes’ carnival", according to schmitt.

By the way: the traditional sports carnival of the FC eltingshausen and TSV oerlenbach will take place this year on carnival saturday, 2. Marz already for the 32nd time. The first time in the wilhelm-hegler-hall. Admission is at 7 p.M. The party band phoenix will heat up the guests from about 21 o’clock with classic rock of the finest, but also with one or the other carnival hit. For the first time, there is also a cocktail bar. And: "disguise is desired!", according to the organizers.