Minister personally delivered million-dollar claim for alladorf

The trees were in the best blood, the sun was laughing. And even the gray rain clouds, which sent a few drops from the sky, could not spoil the last april saturday for the people of allador. For on this day, the new minister of agriculture michaela kaniber came to the thurnau district to personally hand over a demand notice that mayor martin bernreuther had not even dared to dream of.

It was clear that the market town of thurnau would receive funds for the village community center. But how high the funding rate would be was the question. A quantchen hope germinated, when it became known that the minister wanted to come hochstpersonlich to upper franconia. Alladorf has put on everything it has to offer in honor of the minister. The alladorf singing society performed and the thurnau music society played bon jovi, the minister’s favorite band. "I got the marriage proposal from my husband at bon jovi’s", kaniber was pleased.

The new minister of agriculture doesn’t take much notice. She had with her a claim for 90 percent of the investment costs, which is the highest rate of claim. In concrete terms, 781,000 euros will be used for the construction of the new community center in alladorf. "For the construction of the festival barn my house this week has given the permission. In a short time they can expect another demand for about 300 000 euros. That is also a ford rate of 90 percent", the minister said. She would be happy to take a tour of the future village community center. CSU member of the state parliament martin schoffel spontaneously sat down at the old piano and gave the minister a musical thank-you.

Michaela kaniber will not have been in the district of kulmbach for the last time, she promised. Because in the district of kulmbach, eleven municipalities have applied for funds in the amount of around ten million euros. "We were already able to grant a quarter of it", she revealed. The new minister of agriculture appealed to the population to escape the vicious circle of vacancies. The rural regions are also to be supported by the state of freestate. The minister of agriculture named relocation of authorities to upper franconia.

Mayor martin bernreuther and district administrator klaus peter sollner were pleased with the positive signal from the free state. "For us, the north-east bavarian demand offensive is like winning the lottery. Without this initiative, we would not have been able to tackle many projects, the district administrator emphasized.

According to detlev zenk, spokesman for the community, the plans have been on the back burner since 1992. "The investments we are making now are investments for the next hundred years", said zenk.