Strabe to be redesigned

The old ramsthaler strabe in ebenhausen, which has remained in its original state for decades, is to be renovated and redesigned at the same time as the extension of the forststrabe. This was decided by the oerlenbach town council on tuesday following a site inspection. The cheaper option of just graveling the road was thus finally off the table.

Parking lot and container location

After today’s ramsthaler strabe was rebuilt, a section of the old strabe between fruhlingstrabe and forststrabe was left in its original state at the beginning of the 1960s. Today, the partly asphalted, partly loosely gravelled flat is used mainly as a parking lot and as a place for waste containers. "Not ideal from the point of view", oerlenbach’s mayor franz kuhn (CSU) was in agreement with the municipal councilors.

After new residential buildings had been built along this stretch of road recently, the municipality now saw itself obliged to put this stretch of road into a traffic-compatible and respectable condition. During the site inspection, mayor franz kuhn presented the municipal council with a choice between simple ballasting and a more labor- and cost-intensive road rehabilitation with sensible redesign.

"If we do something sensible, however, it will be really expensive", he gave a thought right at the beginning of the discussion. At the moment they do not know exactly "what lies where under the ground". Because water, electricity and other supply lines are also hidden underneath. The municipal councils quickly came to the decision that, despite the high costs to be expected, this road should be fundamentally rescheduled.

Sidewalk and grassy area?

Spontaneously, there were thoughts about the construction of a hitherto unnecessary sidewalk, a grassy area and parking spaces for cars, which, in the opinion of the mayor, could also be sold to direct residents if necessary. The relocation of the unsightly containers directly at the edge of the road was also briefly mentioned, which, according to the observations of some council members, is less frequented by residents than by "through traffic in the early morning and evening" to be used.

After the decision had been made locally for a fundamental redesign, which was officially and unanimously confirmed in the subsequent municipal council meeting in the oerlenbach town hall, local spokesman benedikt kessler (G) urged that this measure should not be brought forward under any circumstances before the forest road had been upgraded. Something else would be hard to make the residents understand. After all, they have been talking about renovating the forest road for ten years. This objection was followed by the municipal council, which therefore also unanimously decided to combine the two trench renovations as one single tree removal project.