Video: bamberg zaps the harlem shake

Remember the "duck dance"?? Remember when, at the beginning of the 80s, even old people squatted down, wiggled their butts and clapped their hands during carnival?? Extremely uncool the party trend came today probably with all, which did not experience the hype themselves. After all, since the instrumental title of the electronica's, there's been a series of other hip dances like "macarena" in the mid-90s, 2002 "the ketchup song" and last year the "gangnam style" of the south korean rapper psy.

Last minute move

But all that is yesterday's snow, outdated, out: because the "harlem shake" rave through the country and let party freaks up to the province fidget, what the stuff hold. The fan base grows by the day. And after even editors had enjoyed "15 seconds of madness" on friday in the medienhaus met on the 3rd of friday in the medienhaus. 3. In the bar central of the long strabe now another 500 dance-enthusiasts. Actually, they wanted the "harlem shake" perform on the maxplatz, but the city government gave the organizers of the group "separated" no permission at the last minute, so they were forced to move.

This did not dampen the mood. Whether uncovered or in fancy costumes – everyone lived up to the hype. Four "harlem shakes" went into an eight-minute music mix. The last one, paid by countdown, became the ultimate hammer, stage-diving included.

"Simply awesome"

Conclusion of most of the participants, who fell in love with the bar, heated and completely sweaty: "simply awesome". So the trend that spilled over the pond from new york finally landed in france as well. It all started with DJ baauer, who created the track "harlem style" posted on youtube last year. But the electro title only gained real attention thanks to the web comedian filthy frank. He shot a short clip with four full-bodied characters, including a power ranger and a silver alien, performing to baauer's music dancing. The video has been clicked on well over three million times and is finding more and more imitators.
Unlike the "gangnam style", where everyone danced to a pattern, the "harlem shake" has also many facets. The starting point is always an everyday situation from which a disguised protagonist begins to fidget after the music starts. After the first 15 seconds of the track, everyone else who had remained passive so far went crazy, shaking and bouncing for all they were worth. And as seen in bamberg, after another 15 seconds the "magic" is done past, to be revived elsewhere with other protagonists. Let's shake!