The sound of colors in cloistered silence

For the artist winfried skrobek nature is the storehouse for his art. It is the constant change of light that immerses a landscape in new colors again and again. On his wanderings, he encounters this play of light and finally captures it in his paintings. His works are certainly the essence of these impressions – a reduction to color and light. Every image is a process. The theme often arises only in the course of time. Winfried skrobek deliberately takes this time for his work. It often takes weeks, months and occasionally even years until a work of his has the right color tone. "They have an incredible depth and at the same time are incredibly wide", says thomas pfarr about the pictures of his youth friend.
Visitors should also bring some time with them if they want to see the film from 11. Marz visited winfried skrobek's exhibition at haus maria in maria bildhausen. "The pictures need time to get involved", says skrobek. They needed concentration to bring them to life.It also took time for thomas pfarr and winfried skrobek to find a suitable space in the house maria in bildhausen. Since two years both are in contact for the purpose of an exhibition.

Skrobek's works are reduced entirely to color. The schlicht-weiben wall in the 2. Floor of house st. Maria are ideal for the presentation of these works, finds thomas pfarr. Skrobek agrees with him. He seeks quiet, simple places so that his work can unfold its colorful energy.

Some of the works, thomas pfarr finds, have something sacred about them. For the exhibition in the house of maria in maria bildhausen, the pictures are ideal, according to pfarr. In fact winfried skrobek has also dealt with mysticism. His hour books are pictures that were taken during this time. Some pieces of it will also be on display in maria bildhausen. Winfried skrobek will present an excerpt of his works of the last 20 years in the monastery rooms. In the sisters' chapel, there will be an artistic dialogue between the traditional crucifix on the wall and a new painting, exhibited for the first time, in which the "man of suffering" is depicted, as skrobek calls it, when spharic light becomes an easter motif.

Winfried skrobek lives in frankfurt today. He grew up in poppenlauer. The friendship with thomas pfarr still exists from that time. The contact is never broken. Poppenlauer himself has, according to his own statements, "lost sight of skrobek". But he always likes to come back to the rhon, because he finds that light there on his hikes, and it always inspires him for his work.