Self-regulation does not work

Self-regulation does not work

In the last meeting the municipal council willanzheim had agreed on new opening times for the chipping place in the market herrnsheim. The volunteer chipping site team had in the meantime laid down its work. Her letter did not reach the team until after it had been published in the press, regretted mayor ingrid reifenscheid-eckert.

Timo engelmann regretted that such a letter had come from the team. "This could have been solved in a different way," he is sure. The need for supervision became apparent after the first two long days of opening. According to gerhard scherer, foreign material has already been deposited. "Unfortunately, self-monitoring does not work."

Other topics in the municipal council:

– for sandstone work on the huttenheim town hall, archway and bank building, the council awarded the contract for just under 3,000 euros to a company from ochsenfurt. When the plaster has dried, the paint can be applied. According to the mayor, ingrid reifenscheid-eckert, the building will be finished in a reddish-brown oxide color.

– the cemetery cross in willanzheim is to be renovated. 5300 euro this should cost. A financing concept is now being drawn up. The siren in willanzheim also needs to be repaired for 1400 euro.

– after the inspection of urns in other cemeteries, a concept is now being developed for the community, which will be presented at the castle meetings. The conversion of abandoned graves into urn graves, a cemetery meadow or an urn garden are possible. The urns that will rot over time will be used.

– the planning for the building area "wegacker 2" in herrnsheim is making progress. The coarse pear tree in the east of the area is to be preserved. As early as february, the preliminary draft of the development plan is to be discussed in the municipal council. Half a year later, the decision could already be made.

– now that the new requirements guidelines for the construction of high-speed networks in commercial and accumulation areas in bavaria are available, the municipality of willanzheim is also setting out to establish such networks.

The amount of the order will be increased

– for the interior and exterior renovation of the catholic parish church st. The municipality of st. St. John the baptist in huttenheim, the restoration of the lourdes grotto and the new courtyard gate at the parish hall, shows itself to be generous and, due to the importance of the building, rounds up the amount requested to 2500 euro. The total costs amount to around 18,500 euros.

– there were some additions to the didactic concept for the kirchenburg huttenheim signage. Now the boards are to enable views of objects. The concept will be presented on wednesday, 5. December, at 19.30 o’clock in the sport home.

– next year the 11. Up to 14. July the partner municipality zanka at the plattensee visited. The organization lies with the SV willanzheim.

– the council approved the project of markus hillabrand to demolish an existing barn, stables and machine hall and to build for it a family house as well as a wine and tasting room and four overnight rooms. However, the council insisted on eleven parking spaces.

– the council gave its consent to johann hein for the reconstruction of an outbuilding in huttenheim. Michael and renate feld can build a single-family house in willanzheim and heiko schwab can realize his roof extension with dormers.