Health was the focus of the meeder peace run

Peaceful was the third peace walk "roll& run" in any case. Despite the more than 300 participants, there was no chaos. This was certainly due not only to the optimal weather, but also to the intensive preparations of the organization team. The team around their spokesman thomas kreisler had prepared the run in the best possible way. "At the end, everyone was happy to have reached the goal, both the runners and we as organizers," said kreisler, said kreisler.

The cyclists and runners received free fresh fruit and drinks as well as kasestangen along the route. This was also necessary to strengthen the team for the total distance of about 30 kilometers.

Around 300 enthusiastic athletes set off from the SV ahlstadt sports ground. In addition, another 50 runners from various parts of the town joined in the fun. A special feature of the third peace run at 362. Peace thanksgiving was the associated health day, which is intended to push the expansion of the event into a preventive health event, as kreisler announced prior to the event.

"The health offers were excellently received. Pressure measurement, kneipp applications and also the measuring stations were very well used the whole time", so kreisler. However, there will be no more nutritional advice at the finish line in the future. "People are already eating liver cheese, this is not the right place for nutritional advice", says kreisler, whose wife and daughter were among the participants.

The run began with a devotion held by udo wank and accompanied by music from the ahlstadt choral society. The route went through all parts of the town of meeder.

At the registration point, the first medical measurements were taken by the local pharmacies, the local doctors and the medical service of meeder, which could be repeated on the course and at the finish line.

The athletes were treated to massages in the school’s auditorium. Numerous supporting companies and institutions love to make the run a great event. "About 50 volunteers were involved in the preparations and the execution", says kreisler.

They took care of about 500 athletes and visitors who filled the grassy area in front of the elementary school in meeder and enjoyed food and drinks.

In addition, the "free french beer orchestra" provided the entertainment for a good mood. All age groups, from children to senior citizens as well as people with disabilities in wheelchairs, took part in the run and health day on the long mountains, which was held under the motto "peace through joy in life" stand. Whether the health aspect will be continued next year will become clear in the next few weeks at a helpers’ dinner, as kreisler announced.