Rough majority : german employees satisfied with their jobs

According to a survey, the vast majority of employees in germany are satisfied with their work. Around 88 percent of dependent employees were satisfied or very satisfied in 2015, according to a study published on monday by the institute of the german economy (IW) in colonia. On average, 86 percent in the EU found their working conditions good or very good, two percent more than in 2010.

The figures were first reported by the "rheinische post" in dusseldorf (monday) reports. The kolner institute, which has close ties to employers, analyzed data from the "european working conditions survey" for the study the eu agency eurofond (european foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions) from. For the study, 43 companies were surveyed in 35 european countries.850 employed people were surveyed, including 1.600 dependent employees in germany.

Satisfaction in greece on the rise

According to the survey, austrians rated their work most positively, with just under 93 percent of employees satisfied or very satisfied, and dutchmen with just under 92 percent, followed by esten with 90.6 percent. Satisfaction was lowest in france with 79.9 percent. Compared to 2010, the researchers recorded significant increases in satisfaction in greece (plus 15 percentage points), estonia, lithuania and hungary (plus 14), as well as slovenia (plus eleven), the czech republic (plus ten), bulgaria and latvia (plus eight). In germany, the level of satisfaction has remained constant since 2010, he said.

According to the study, the decisive factors for a positive assessment of work are above all appreciation and recognition, which are expressed in the form of money, career prospects and praise. A good social environment at the workplace is similarly important, the institute explained. In contrast, time pressure, frequent interruptions or very long working hours have a negative impact on satisfaction, according to the study. At the same time, such negative factors can be outweighed by other advantages such as greater freedom of action.