Habfurt “letter attack” remains unclear

The letter arrived, but who sent it is not known until today. The police have found no trace of the perpetrator, who was murdered on tuesday, 23 march. July, threatened the district office in habfurt with a letter with suspicious-looking contents. Nothing happened, because the shipment turned out to be harmless. But the letter caused quite a scare, and the office was paralyzed for a few hours.

According to matthias schafer, spokesman for the police prasidium fur unterfranken in wurzburg, the police did find usable traces of the letter. They were, as he explained yesterday in response to a question from our newspaper, but apparently not so good that they led to the tater.

On tuesday, 23. July, at lunchtime, the suspicious letter appeared in the post office of the district administration in habfurt. A servant who had opened the envelope raised the alarm. The police jolted in, blocked off the district administration office and cleared part of the building, which is located in the middle of town.

Experts from the state criminal investigation office were called in. They came by helicopter to habfurt and examined the suspicious letter contents. After a short time they could give the all-clear. The letter posed no danger: no bomb, no poison.

Motive remains in the dark
What was in the letter, the police did not want to say at the time. For investigative reasons. Or put another way: this is criminal knowledge and may help to convict a suspect. To this day, it is not known what was in the letter.

It was already certain then, a few days after the crime, and the same is still true today: the sender of the letter obviously had no serious intentions. He probably "only" wanted to cause a sensation. A joke perhaps?

Probably the sender was someone "who was playing a joke", yesterday, matthias schafer confirmed the first suspicions. The police cannot give any information about the unknown man's motive. "If you don't have the culprit, it's hard to say anything about the motive", explained the spokesman of the prasidium yesterday thursday. It therefore remains the case that one can only make assumptions and speculations.

What happens next? The case is not yet closed at the police station. So the investigations are still going on. Of course, not with the intensity as they have been conducted after the act.

It can be assumed that the case will have to be closed without result. Unless "commissioner coincidence still helps.