Guests at the city council meeting had many questions

A large part of the youngest city council meeting was devoted to questions from citizens. Some very clear words were spoken.
Wolfram graeber addressed the upcoming cemetery renovation, which he himself is affected by. He mentioned some graves that, in his opinion, did not need a foundation band because the gravestones were firmly anchored. This should be checked. In the meantime, cemetery advisor klaus schebler (neue wege) has announced that all graves in this area will receive a foundation strip. Otherwise, there could be problems with funerals.

Another location?

Another topic for wolfram graeber is the planned location of the new fire department building. He referred to the difficulties with the foundations of the extension to the former monastery. The lache has a similar structure and there are also problems with flooding. He wanted to know whether the so-called wolf bend (B287 in the direction of bad neustadt) was a possibility. The location is also favorable for reaching the highway. Mayor helmut blank (CSU) pointed out that there is a city council resolution after the fire department building in the lache will be built. This is why the wolf curve is not an option.

No successor for doctor

Franz-Josef scheublein recalled that the physician dr. Alfred back there munnerstadt has left. No successor has yet been found. Franz-josef scheublein wanted to know what the city was doing to solve the problem. Nothing yet, he was told. That would be pointless anyway, wolfram graeber interjected. Everything had been tried, but no one wanted to come. The existing doctors are completely overfilled, said scheublein. He told our newspaper that the city's inaction was a declaration of bankruptcy. Franz-josef scheublein is the owner of the house in which the doctor's office was housed.
With regard to the new construction of the new vocational training center on the entlastungsstrabe, wolfgang joa wanted to know whether the city had already paid for the cars parked around the existing BBZ on the karlsberg in order to get an idea of how many parking spaces were needed at the new BBZ. So far there has been no payment, the mayor replied. "We have paid the cars", explained wolfgang joa. There had been about 150.
He also addressed the problem of jerky weddings. One reason for this is that it is currently not clear who will take care of the champagne reception after a wedding in the castle, for example. Wolfgang joa wanted to know whether the restaurateurs had already been asked whether they could take over the restaurant. This has not been done so far, but will be addressed.

Criticism of mayor

Then it got more heated: christian noth, deputy commander of the reichenbach volunteer fire department, angrily responded to a statement by mayor helmut blank about the new fire department building in munnerstadt. He had explained that the members of the voluntary fire department munnerstadt have about 100 operations a year. They could not be expected to help with the construction of the new geratehaus. The situation is different in the city districts. There are fewer calls, which is why the firefighters can also provide their own services.
Christian noth considered this to be a slap in the face for the three defense organizations that have built new houses with great commitment in the last few years. It has always been "we can't afford a fire station without our own contribution", emphasized christian noth. And now he has to listen to this. Torsten harnus of the munnerstadt defense department countered that members will of course also participate.
Burghausen's local spokesman mario schmitt (CSU) told our newspaper that christian noth's statement did not apply to the burghausen defense force. "We can speak for ourselves."
Christian noth assured our newspaper that his statement was not directed against the munnerstadt defense, but exclusively against the statement of helmut blanks. They have angered him.
Stefan mai finally mentioned the planned 20 new building sites on the zent. In connection with the bridge over the freeway, the planned area is a wildfire area. This should be remembered.