Jungle atmosphere in coburg

Birds chirping, two coarse tortoises and palm trees: part of the wax house on the glockenberg will be transformed into a palm house on sunday. "The jungle atmosphere should be made tangible", describes bernhard ledermann. According to the head of the office, the real palm house is to be symbolically put in the spotlight on the open house day of the grunflachen office.

Forage plants for wild bees

The focus of the event this year is on the wild bee, which, unlike the honey bee, needs certain types of plants to nest. "Wild bees need to be able to nest, and certain hollow sticks are necessary for this", according to deputy head of department werner pilz. While supplies last, visitors can take home seed packets. "The mixture was selected on the basis of the book 'the wild bees of germany' by paul westrich and contains seeds for 44 plant species", explains ledermann. In order to test which seed mixture is best suited to our region, seed was already scattered on four strips of earth on the meadow in kurengrund opposite the gaudlitz company in the second half of april. "Two green strips will follow", announces ledermann. The goal is to create a special coburg mixture. More than 30 different types of seed will be on display on sunday on the land of the grunflachenamt in glasern: "we want to show visitors what the different types of seed look like."

Edible coburg

In addition to the seeds for the wild bees, the land office will also present four steel containers that were specially made in the workshop for the project "edible coburg – impulse for urban development", have been created. After the open day, they will be placed at locations in the city where construction work is planned or already underway. "The containers will still turn rusty brown, in them grow among other things herbs, carrots, mangold and tomatoes. The population can help themselves to it free of charge", so ledermann. What runs out is naturally replanted. The containers are transportable and are regularly moved to a different location. Signs will also be placed near the containers to draw attention to the corresponding construction projects. The project was carried out in cooperation with wohnbau coburg.

Children can drive excavator

While the adults have the opportunity to take part in a tour of the cemetery or in the floristry tour by iris kauper, the children can become excavator drivers themselves: "there is a fenced-in area where the children can drive an excavator themselves with a machine driver", explains ledermann. There will also be exercise games and a children's nursery where the children can plant.