A lively women’s tour through the old town

A lively women's tour through the old town

There was no bad damage. Yesterday morning, only a hangover and a grumpy head were evidence of the hilarity at the first volkach women's carnival. More than 60 young and young-at-heart women accepted the joint offer of the tourist information office volkacher mainschleife and the carnival club weingenieberclub nordheim (WGCN) and turned the old town into a party mile for several hours.

The atmospheric starting shot was fired in front of the town hall. The carnival jesters dressed up as construction workers, true to the motto "construction site", danced in a rough circle and stretched their hands to the sky. "Squeeze player" manfred kroll and a saxophonist got the ladies fired up from the very first second onwards. Countless safety helmets, warning vests and mabs were visible in the darkness in front of the market fountain.

A sparkling secco in the town hall was the forerunner of a precious mobile wine tasting across the city center. Marco maiberger from the tourist information office and WGCN president jurgen forster buried the crowd of feminine construction workers at the carnival with a triple cheer for the good mood and the sponsors of the evening.

In polonaise step it went on to optik steuer. There waited already faschingsgrobe otmar schraud as farmer eugen. He served one laughing act after the other personally and individually. Tax owner gerhard mahler didn't want to miss out and danced the first waltz of his life on half a square meter on a wine crate.

With a good portion of spatburgunder in them, the crowd set off for the vodafone store. Owner markus bohlener-saukel joined in the fun and brought michael bechold, a carnival hero, out of his surprise box. The french comodiant bombarded the building group with funny stories from his life. "We have to get the strabe ready," the forewoman shouted, and on went the journey, on which the high-proof mixture in the blood made for cheerful scenes.

"The resonance was huge and the atmosphere was bombastic from the very beginning." marco maiberger, tourist information volkach

At S'cara mode the women's hearts beat even higher. There was captain kuper's rifle at fub. With his guitar and unbeatable charm, carnival barker rolf herzel encouraged the audience to sing along. One or the other construction worker took advantage of the encounter. "It's always so far away on the stage," said one lady, taking "her" captain in her arms.

Back on the road the foolish wandering by the old part of town ended in the GWF winegrower bistro at the market place. At the end, maiberger drew an enthusiastic conclusion of the first volkach women's carnival: "the response was huge and the atmosphere was bombastic right from the start."

That's why maiberger and forster are already thinking about a continuation of the women's carnival. All the lively little cats are already looking forward to being let loose in the wild again – and the tomcats from the council of eleven anyway.